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            Company Name
                B & A Limited
                B A G Films and Media Limited
                B A S F India Limited
                B and A Multiwall Packaging Limited
                B C C Finance Limited
                B C C Fuba India Limited
                B C L Financial Services Limited
                B C L Forgings Limited
                B D H Industries Limited
                B F Utilities Limited
                B J Duplex Boards Limited
                B K Duplex Board Limited
                B K V Industries Limited
                B L B Limited
                B L Kashyap and Sons Limited
                B M B Music & Magnetics Limited
                B N K Capital Markets Limited
                B N R Udyog Limited
                B N Rathi Securities Limited
                B Nanji Enterprises Limited
                B O C India Limited
                B P L Engineering Limited
                B P L Limited
                B S E L Infrastructure Realty Limited
                B S I Limited
                B S L Limited
                B W L Limited
                B&B Realty Limited
                B2B Software Technologies Limited
                Baba Arts Limited
                Bacil Pharma Limited
                Baffin Engineering Projects Limited
                Bafna Pharmaceuticals Limited
                Bafna Spinning Mills & Exports Limited
                Bagadia Colourchem Limited
                Bagalkot Udyog Limited
                Baid Leasing & Finance Company Limited
                Bajaj Auto Limited
                Bajaj Electricals Limited
                Bajaj Finance LIMITED
                Bajaj Finserv Limited
                Bajaj Global Limited
                Bajaj Hindusthan Limited
                Bajaj Hindusthan Sugar & Industries Limited
                Bajaj Holdings & Investment Limited
                Bajaj Steel Industries Limited
                Bajrang Finance Limited
                Bakelite Hylam Limited
                Bal Pharma Limited
                Bala Techno Global Limited
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