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            Company Name
                D & H Welding Electrodes (India) Limited
                D C M Financial Services Limited
                D C M Limited
                D C M Shriram Consolidated Limited
                D C M Shriram Industries Limited
                D C W Limited
                D F M Foods Limited
                D G P Securities Limited
                D H P India Limited
                D I L Limited
                D J S Stock & Shares Limited
                D L F Limited
                D Link (India) Limited
                D R Softech & Industries Limited
                D S J Communications Limited
                D S Kulkarni Developers Limited
                D S Q Software Limited
                D.B.Corp Limited
                Dabur India Limited
                Daewoo Motors India Limited
                Dagger-Forst Tools Limited
                Dahyabhai Sons Limited
                Dai-Ichi Karkaria LIMITED
                Dai-Ichi Karkaria Limited
                Daikaffil Chemicals India Limited
                Dairyfield Limited
                Dalal Street Investments Limited
                Dalmia Bharat Enterprises Limited
                Dalmia Cement (Bharat) Limited
                Dalmia Industries Limited
                Damodar Threads Limited
                Danlaw Technologies India Limited
                Darshan Oils Limited
                Database Finance Limited
                Datamatics Technologies Limited
                Datanet Systems Limited
                Datapro Information Technology Limited
                Datar Switchgear Limited
                Datasoft Application Software (India) Limited
                Daulat Securities Limited
                Dawn Mills Company Limited
                Dazzel Confindive Limited
                DB (International) Stock Brokers Limited
                De Nora India Limited
                De Nora India Limited
                Deal (India) Limited
                Deccan Bearings Limited
                Deccan Cements Limited
                Deccan Chronicle Holdings LIMITED
                Deccan Chronicle Holdings Limited
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