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            Company Name
                P A E Limited
                P A Mills India Limited
                P B M Polytex Limited
                P C I Chemicals & Pharmaceuticals Limited
                P C S Technology Limited
                P F L Infotech Limited
                P G Foils Limited
                P G Industry Limited
                P H Capital Limited
                P H I L Corporation Limited
                P I Drugs and Pharmaceuticals Limited
                P I Industries Limited
                P L Enterprise Limited
                P L Finance & Investment Limited
                P M Telelinks Limited
                P N B Gilts Limited
                P R Cements Limited
                P S I Data Systems Limited
                P S L Limited
                Pacific Cotspin Limited
                Pacific Industries Limited
                Packtech Industries Limited
                Padam Cotton Yarns Limited
                Padmalaya Telefilms Limited
                Padmanabh Alloys & Polymers Limited
                Padmini Technologies Limited
                Page Industries Limited
                Pagita Leasing & Finance Company Limited
                Paintex Chemicals (Bombay) Limited
                Pal Credit & Capital Limited
                Pal-Peugeot Limited
                Palsoft Infosystems Limited
                Pamwi Tissues Limited
                Pan Auto Limited
                Pan Drug Limited
                Pan Electronics (India) Limited
                Pan India Corporation Limited
                Pan India Resort & Land Development Limited
                Panacea Biotec Limited
                Panama Petrochem LIMITED
                Panama Petrochem Limited
                Panasonic AVC Networks India Limited
                Panasonic Carbon India Company Limited
                Panasonic Energy India Co. LIMITED
                Panasonic Home Appliances Company Limited
                Panchmahal Cement Limited
                Panchmahal Steel Limited
                Panchsheel Organics Limited
                Panjon Limited
                Pankaj Piyush Trade & Investment Limited
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