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            Company Name
                R B Gupta Financials Limited
                R C C Cements Limited
                R D B Industries Limited
                R E I Agro Limited
                R F L International Limited
                R J BIO-TECH LIMITED
                R J Shah & Company Limited
                R L F Limited
                R M I Foods Limited
                R M I Steels Limited
                R P G Cables Limited
                R P G Life Science Limited (SEARLE)
                R P G Transmission Limited
                R R Financial Consultants Limited
                R R K Securities Limited
                R S Corporation Limited
                R S L Textiles (India) Limited
                R S Petrochemicals Limited
                R S Software (India) Limited
                R Systems International Limited
                R Systems International Limited
                R T C L Limited
                R T Exports Limited
                R T S Power Corporation Limited
                Raashi Fertilisers Limited
                Raasi Enterprises Limited
                Raasi Refractories Limited
                Rabha Plastics Limited
                Radaan MediaWorks (I) Limited
                Radha Madhav Corporation Limited
                Radhe Developers (India) Limited
                Radhika Spinning Mills Limited
                Radiant Rotogravure Limited
                Radiant Showbiz Limited
                Radico Khaitan Limited
                Raghav Industries Limited
                Raghava Estates Limited
                Raghoji Cement Manufacturing Company Limited
                Raghunath International Limited
                Raghuvir Synthetics Limited
                Ragsan Petrochem Limited
                Rahil Investment & Finance Limited
                Rahul Dairy & Allied Products Limited
                Rahul Merchandising Limited
                Rai Saheb Rekhchand Mohota Spg & Wvg Mills Limited
                Rain Calcining Limited
                Rain Commodities Limited
                Rain Commodities LIMITED
                Rain Commodities LIMITED
                Rainbow Denim Limited
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