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            Company Name
                T & I Global Limited
                T C F C Finance Limited
                T C I Finance Limited
                T C I Limited
                T C L Technologies Limited
                T C M Limited
                T D Power Systems LIMITED
                T E C I L Chemical & Hydro Power Limited
                T G F Media Systems Limited
                T I L Limited
                T M T (India) Limited
                T P I India Limited
                T P L Plastech Limited
                T R C Financial Services Limited
                T R F Limited
                T Spiritual World Limited
                T T K Healthcare Limited
                T T K Prestige Limited
                T T Limited
                T V S Electronics Limited
                T V S Finance and Services Limited
                T V S Motor Company Limited
                T V S Srichakra Limited
                T V Today Network Limited
                T.V.Today Network Limited
                Tai Chonbang Textile Industries Limited
                Tai Industries Limited
                Tainwala Chemicals & Plastics (India) Limited
                Taj G V K Hotels & Resorts Limited
                Tak Machinery & Leasing Limited
                Take Solutions Limited
                Taksheel Solutions LIMITED
                Talbros Automotive Components Limited
                Tamarai Mills Limited
                Tamil Nadu Newsprint & Papers Limited
                Tamilnadu Jai Bharath Mills Limited
                Tamilnadu Petroproducts Limited
                Tamilnadu Steel Tubes Limited
                Tamilnadu Telecommunications Limited
                Taneja Aerospace & Aviation Limited
                Tanfac Industries Limited
                Tanla Solutions Limited
                Tantia Constructions Limited
                Tanu Health Care Limited
                Taparia Tools Limited
                Tara Jewels Limited
                Tarai Foods Limited
                Tariff Cine & Finance Limited
                Tashi India Limited
                Tasty Bite Eatables Limited
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