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INSTRUCTIONS to get user name and password


How do I get started ?

In order to start using CORPFILING, you need to register . You may make a request by writing to us and forwarding the personal corporate e-mail ID of the Company Secretary or the Compliance Officer under their signatures. Alternatively, you may also send a mail to

What should I do if my company doesn't have corporate e-mail facility?

If your company does not have a corporate email facility, then fax (designated numbers) or post respective exchange , a request on the letter head of the Company stating that the company has no corporate email facility and the exchange may register the Company on CORPFILING based on the Company Secretary's / Compliance Officer's personal email ID or any other e-mail ID. This document should be signed by the Managing Director/Company Secretary of the company.

The Company Secretary/Compliance Officer whose e-mail ID is forwarded to us for registration will be the "Super User" (also referred to as CorpAdmin) in the respective Company.

What is a "Super User" ?

Either a Company Secretary or the Compliance Officer can be a "Super User". In other words, the "Super User" is the Executive/Official of the Company who is responsible for ensuring compliance of various clauses of the Listing Agreement.

What can a "Super User" do ?

A "Super User" has the following rights -

  • Create Sub-Users i.e. Maker and Check
  • Add or Modify the details of a Sub-User
  • De-activate a Sub-User
  • Reset the password of the Sub-Users
  • Receive e-mails for every filing
  • Change his own password

How do I know that my company is registered under CORPFILING ?

Once the registration is approved, the "Super User" will receive a mail from CorpFilingAdmin containing a log-in ID and password. The password will be system generated and hence it is recommended that the same may be changed by the user. Since the information in the mail is highly confidential in nature, please ensure that the same is adequately secured and protected



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